Intent of the article:

This article explains everything about multiple inboxes and how to add them to your Salesgear account.

An overview of multiple inboxes:

Being a salesperson, the number of emails that you send and receive with just one email address can be pretty overwhelming. Moreover, bulk emails sent from a single email address could end up in the spam folders & you may not be able to send legitimate emails anymore!

We’ve been there! 😓

This is where having multiple inboxes help us 🦸‍♂️

Multiple inboxes are the additional email accounts that you can enable in Salesgear. They help you with better sales outreach and organizing all your emails.

In Salesgear, you can connect multiple inboxes to sequences, allowing you to reach out to plenty of contacts in one go.

For example, let’s say that you are sending 1,000 emails per day from one account. When you connect two more inboxes, you can send 2,000 more emails! And that makes 3,000 emails in total, which will be the number of prospects you’ll be impacting with your emails; just in one day! 💹

Read ahead to find out how to connect additional inboxes.

Connect additional Gmail accounts:

  1. Click on the ‘settings’ icon in the vertical navigation bar.

  2. Locate ‘connected inbox’ on the left. You will find your primary inbox already connected.

  3. To add another email account, click on the ‘connect inbox’ button in the top right corner.

  4. Choose ‘Sign in with Google’.

  5. Choose the email address that you would like to connect with Salesgear.

  6. Once you select an email address, you will have to authorize access to your email account by choosing the permissions.

  7. The additional account will be connected to Salesgear successfully.

You will find this inbox along with the primary one that you connected to earlier.

Connect additional Microsoft accounts:

If you would like to add a Microsoft account, then you can follow the upcoming steps:

  1. Click on the ‘settings’ icon in the vertical navigation bar.

  2. Choose the ‘connected inbox’ option under ‘my profile’.

  3. Click on the ‘connect inbox’ button in the top right corner, to add another inbox.

  4. Click on the ‘Sign in with Microsoft’ option.

  5. Enter your Microsoft email address and click next.

  6. Now enter the password and click on ‘sign in’.

  7. Microsoft will request you to accept specific permissions allowing Salesgear to access your emails.

  8. Select the checkbox ‘consent on behalf of your organization’ and click accept.

Now you can send emails from your Microsoft account as well (via Salesgear).

Points to remember:

  • Within the team's total additional inboxes limit, every user can connect as many inboxes as they want. For example, if you are a team of 5 members in a Salesgear account and you have 5 additional inboxes, you can use them in any one of the following ways -

  1. Each member can connect to one additional inbox → as a result of this, you will hit the number of additional inboxes you can connect.

  2. One member can use all 5 additional inboxes & the rest four members will only have their primary inboxes connected → you will reach the additional inboxes limit in this case as well.

  • The additional inboxes that you connect can be a mix of Google and Microsoft email accounts. It doesn’t need to be of the same type.

  • The first email account (or primary inbox) that you connected with Salesgear will always be your default inbox. You cannot alter this unless you delete it. Check out this FAQ article to know what happens when you delete your default inbox/ any inbox.

  • Multiple inboxes are not available to new users using trial and freemium accounts. So, please feel free to drop us a message to get this feature enabled for your account.

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