Intent of the article:

This article illustrates how to configure sequence settings while using multiple inboxes to send emails.

Handling sequence settings with multiple inboxes:

Your primary inbox will be enrolled by default to all the sequences. However, you can also include multiple inboxes to the sequences, if you want. Read ahead to find out how.

  1. Click on ‘sequences’ (paper flight-like icon) in the left vertical navigation bar.

  2. Choose the sequence for which you want to configure the settings.

  3. Go to the ‘settings’ tab available in the horizontal menu. You will find the ‘connected inboxes’ section here.

  4. To add more inboxes, click on the ‘Add inbox’ button. This will show you all the inboxes that you’ve connected to Salesgear.

  5. Click on the check box available against the email account to include it in the sequence. The selected inboxes will be enabled to the sequence.

  6. Scroll down and click ‘save changes’. Your sequence settings will be updated successfully.


A cloned sequence will have the same settings as the original one. For instance, if you have connected 3 inboxes to your original sequence, the cloned sequence will also have the same.

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