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This article explains how to configure settings for multiple inboxes in Salesgear.

Configuring multiple inboxes:

Once you have added multiple inboxes to your Salesgear account, you can configure each of them to update the following settings -

  1. Email daily limit - this is the maximum number of emails that a user can send from one email account per day. We recommend you set this limit to less than 200 emails per day to ensure that your domain remains healthy.

  2. Minimum delay between emails - this is the minimum time interval (in seconds) between sending your emails.

  3. Signature - you may include your name, designation, link to your LinkedIn profile, etc., in the signature section.

Here’s how you can configure these settings -

  1. Click on the ‘settings’ icon in the vertical navigation bar.

  2. Choose the ‘connected inbox’ option below ‘my profile’.

  3. You will see the list of inboxes that you connected so far.

  4. Click on ‘configure’ against the inbox for which you want to update the settings.

  5. Enter the daily email limit, the minimum delay between emails, and your signature.

  6. Click ‘save’.


  • Additional inboxes' daily email limit cannot exceed the admin's daily email limit. For instance, if the admin’s daily email limit is 500 per day, then the email limit of the additional inboxes should be less than 500 per day only.

  • If you reach the daily email limit, the remaining emails will be automatically pushed to the next day.

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