Intent of the article:

This article explains how to add a custom tracking URL to your Salesgear profile.

Custom tracking:

Custom URL helps you define reputation with your email recipients to ensure higher email deliverability rates. Adding your customized URL has its own advantages.

  • Having a custom URL (along with proper SPF and DKIM authentication) can help your emails land in the contacts’ inbox folders.

  • It helps build your own email sending & brand reputation because when contacts see your company’s name in the link, they know that your email is not spam.

Here’s how you add a custom URL:

  1. Go to ‘settings’ by clicking the gear-shaped icon in the vertical side menu bar.

  2. On the settings page, locate ‘account settings’ on the left side.

  3. Click on ‘custom URL’ under account settings.

  4. Open a separate tab and go to your domain provider (for example - GoDaddy), and create a CNAME record to DNS configuration of your desired domain.

  5. Now, come back to Salesgear and add that CNAME record in the CNAME host field.

  6. Click ‘verify’.


  • This process requires access to your organization’s DNS provider. Ensure that you have it before adding the custom URL.

  • Depending on the DNS provider, it can take up to 20 minutes to generate the CNAME record.

  • Custom URL is available for all the plans.

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