Intent of the article:

This article explains how to configure the dialer in Salesgear.

Dialer and its benefits:

Calls within Salesgear are made using a dialer. It helps you streamline your outbound call process and allows you to make calls effortlessly.

You can also take notes while having conversations. And all your calls will be automatically logged once they end. Check out this article to learn about making calls using the dialer. This article explains how to configure it.

In the dialer settings, you can add your number and purchase phone credits to start making calls from Salesgear. Here’s how you set up those -

  1. Go to ‘settings’ by clicking the gear-shaped icon in the vertical side menu bar.

  2. On the settings page, locate ‘account settings’ on the left side.

  3. Click on ‘dialer’ under account settings.

  4. To add your phone number, click on ‘add new number’.

  5. A pop-up with two options will appear -

→ Buy new number - you will be charged $1 for purchasing a new number.

→ Add your number -

  • the other option is to add your own number. Upon clicking this option, you will be prompted to enter your country code and phone number.

  • Enter the details and click on ‘call me’.

  • We will call you to enter a verification code.

  • After you attend the call, enter the verification code on your mobile device and click on the link shown in Salesgear.

  • Your number will be verified and included in the dialer settings.

Note: You can buy more credits if you want and each phone credit costs $1.

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