This article explains where and how can you view and manage your profile details.

Managing your profile:

You can view and edit your profile details on the settings page.

  1. Click on the ‘settings’ (gear-shaped) icon in the vertical side menu bar.

  2. By default, you land on ‘my profile’. You will find your email address, password, phone number, job title, calendar URL, company name, and API key.

  3. Here are the following actions that you can do on this page -

I) Change password -

  • To change your password, click on ‘change’ adjacent to the password field.

  • You will be prompted to enter your current password, new password, and type in the new password once again in the ‘confirm new password’.

  • Click ‘update’.

  • Your account will be updated with the new password.

II) Update phone number -

  • Click on the phone number field.

  • Type in your updated phone number.

III) Update job title -

  • Click on the job title field.

  • Type in your updated job title.

IV) Update Calendar URL -

  • Click on the calendar URL field where the current URL exists.

  • Type in your updated URL.

V) Update company -

  • Click on the company field.

  • Type in your company name.

VI) Email preferences -

  • Tick the check box under ‘email preferences’ to receive monthly product announcements and other newsletters

4. You can copy and paste the API key to the software that you want to authenticate and integrate with Salesgear.

5. Finally, click on ‘save changes’ to update your data.

Note: You cannot update or edit your email address in the profile section as it is connected with Salesgear.

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